PCI BIM Committee Presents the Benefits of openBIM to the Precast Industry

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Wednesday, 26 October, 2011
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Press Release

Nemetschek Vectorworks, StructureWorks, Tekla and Nemetschek Scia Team Up to Demonstrate Interoperability

Salt Lake City UT, (Oct. 26, 2011) – The Precast Concrete Institute’s BIM Committee, along with software developers Nemetschek Vectorworks, Nemetschek Scia, StructureWorks and Tekla presented a new integrated model based workflow for the precast industry that promises to streamline the design and production of precast structures. The effort was coordinated by Chuck Eastman, Professor and Director of the Georgia Tech Digital Building Laboratory, and Rafael Sacks at the Technion, and their team.

The presentation, which took place at the 2011 PCI Annual Convention and National Bridge Conference, illustrates the benefit of openBIM and how the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file exchange is allowing architects, engineers and precast manufactures using preferred software applications from multiple vendors to leverage today’s BIM process to increase efficiencies, reduce errors and ultimately deliver higher preforming precast structures.

“The demo is just an initial stepping stone to deal with all the major exchanges facilitating precast workflows,” said Eastman. “We expect other companies aspiring to support precast work will be joining later.”

This educational session demonstrated how a design model created by an architect using an IFC-capable BIM authoring application can be imported into a structural analysis software for optimization and code checking. This optimized IFC model can then be moved downstream and converted into a detailed precast fabrication model. The parts and Bill of Materials of the fabrication model can be used as the inputs into the fabrication process and ultimately to manage the scheduling and project completion on the job site.

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