Scia Engineer 2010.1 implements the Eurocodes National Annexes and comes with effective drawing generation tools

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Tuesday, 5 October, 2010
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Press Release

Herk-de-Stad, 5 October 2010 - The new version of Scia Engineer enables engineers to perform calculations and checks in full compliance with the National Annexes to the Eurocodes and effectively create automated drawings of the designed structure.

Scia Engineer
Scia Engineer is a software system for design, analysis and code-checking of engineering structures. Even though it has been primarily designed for structural engineers, it finds its application in other engineering fields too. Scia Engineer is versatile software that can be used in any dimensionality, from a simple beam (1D), to a single plate (2D), to a whole building (3D), to a detailed analysis of distribution of internal forces over time in prestressed structures (4D). Scia Engineer offers a unique range of tools for code compliant design and check of different materials (steel, concrete, aluminium, timber, steel-concrete composite, etc.) and technologies (prestressed concrete, composites, construction stages, time dependent analysis, cellular beams, voided slabs, hollow core slabs, etc.).

Users of Scia Engineer can rely on the top-class quality of a system that has been proven by the long and successful presence of Scia Engineer on the market. The quality and effectiveness of the system is guaranteed by the technical know-how of Nemetschek Scia’s international expert teams. Nemetschek Scia, a responsible partner to structural engineers, provides not just the software itself but also comprehensive technical support and professional advice.

Version 2010.1

Scia Engineer version 2010.1 comes with several new modules as well as numerous improvements across the whole system. The main focus has been placed on implementing the National Annexes to the Eurocodes (which became mandatory from 2010).

Nemetschek Scia’s CEO, dr. ir. Jean-Pierre Rammant, summarises the main benefits: “To help engineers successfully cope with the announced arrival of the Eurocodes in 2010, Scia Engineer 2010.1 offers a range of tools for Eurocode-compliant design and checks (steel, concrete, aluminium, etc) adapted to several countries. Engineers can work easily throughout Europe thanks to this new version.”

To reflect the obligatory use of the Eurocodes starting in 2010, Scia Engineer version 2010 extends the implementation of the Eurocodes parts, including the National Annexes. The program already covered the basic Eurocodes, but the National Annexes of numerous European countries have now been implemented to enable the user to perform calculations and checks in complete compliance with the local requirements.
In addition, Nemetschek Scia has launched a new microsite devoted to the implementation of the Eurocodes in Scia Engineer:

Automated General Arrangement Drawings
The new Automated General Arrangement Drawings extend the BIM functionality of Scia Engineer. It offers simple, fast and automated generation of drawings from the structural model. This functionality is not only aimed at drafting professionals who produce numerous drawings of designed structures every day, but also structural engineers who, even though primarily focusing on calculations, often have to prepare contract drawings and documents required to obtain a construction permit.

Structural Edition
Scia Engineer already comes in 3 editions: Concept, Professional and Expert. With release 2010.1, a fourth edition is added, Structural Edition. This Edition is robust software for engineers and drafting professionals serving to model and detail engineering structures without performing the analysis and design. Thanks to freeform solid modelling, the BIM toolbox and the interfaces to other software, this Structural Edition bridges the gap between structural modelling and other CAE & CAD software programs which may be in use at an engineering office.

Nemetschek Scia
Established in 1974, Nemetschek Scia has become one of the world’s leading developers of structural design, analysis and fabrication software that supports the BIM process. Nemetschek Scia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG -- a global leader in software that supports the Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow.

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