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Tuesday, 14 May, 2013
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Press Review

A detailed review of Scia Engineer by author John Evans.

It covers the User Interface, eLearning tools, modelling, analysis options, design functionality, documentation, etc.

[...] Concluding Thoughts

Scia Engineer is a full featured structural engineering tool, capable of handling almost any design and analysis needed. The company has been in the business of structural engineering for a long time - and it shows.

My favorite part of Scia Engineer is definitely the reporting and how the information, both graphical and tabular, is distributed throughout the workflow. If your focus is on the design, then results show up within the overall design in the graphics window when the focus shifts to the design of an individual beam, then the results are populated within the beam design tool and often in the graphics window where the results could be reviewed in the context of the entire design.[...]

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