Scaffolding and Rack Systems

Technological progress and increased safety concerns lead to stricter codes than before. Structures that were previously design by experience now require a detailed structural analysis. Increased competition makes it difficult for a company to differentiate one's company from the rest.

Scaffolding companies often work with several independent solutions: a CAD-program for modelling, tables from their manufacturer, 2D calculation software for specific nodes, Excel-tables for quantities etc. This leads to disrupted workflows, uncertain safety, generating mistakes and delays.

Our scaffolding software solutions are designed both for the fast and accurate modelling of simple scaffolds like bird cages and facades with automatic quantities, prices and drawings, and the detailed structural analysis and design of scaffolds with their specific requirements : couplers, friction, gaps, specific load cases and checks (EN 12810-12811).

Smart Scaffolder Model-IT has been developed specifically for the scaffolding industry. It covers both tube & fittings and systems scaffoldings with a "game-like" user interface.

Build a detailed model and accurate model in just seconds, generate the corresponding drawings, bill of materials and professional quotations. It will help you win more tenders and be more precise in your estimations.

Scia Engineer has been extended with the special requirements of scaffoldings and racks:

  • Open libraries: you can easily build your own blocks or import them from a CAD application. They can include material, structural elements (couplers, gaps …), up to even article numbers.
  • Special analysis tools: non-linear functions represent the real behavior of couplers, the friction on the supports can be simulated,  the 3D wind load is distributed to the structure and load combinations are generated according to the codes. Second order P-Delta analysis can be performed with pre-deformed geometry resulting of the most critical buckling form. Earthquake analysis is often mandatory, sometimes even including 2nd order effects thanks to a sequential analysis.
  • Checks are performed for members and couplers. A detailed calculation note includes all used formulas, tables and references to the codes.
  • Overview drawings (views, sections …) are generated according to company standards, and you can put them together on a paperspace. Quantities up to a detailed bill of material are also integrated.

Whether for your sales representative or for your engineer, our scaffolding & racks software tools will bring you accuracy, safety and productivity.