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sencd.04 - Long-term deflection analysis

  • Module code sencd.04
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Included in editions
    • Concept,
    • Professional,
    • Expert,
    • Ultimate
  • Category Concrete Design
  • License Perpetual


  • Stiffness calculation with respect to the non-linear stress-strain relationships in concrete and its reinforcement.
  • Input of real (practical) reinforcement or use of program-generated reinforcement.
  • Modification of the calculated required reinforcement area using the multiplication factor when the program generates the amount of required reinforcement for CDD calculations.
  • The program can calculate the magnitude of concrete creep deformation for selected combinations. It does this twice - once using the standard concrete modulus of elasticity, and once using the effective modulus of elasticity. The difference between the two values is considered as the creep deformation.
  • Evaluation of total deformation and deformation caused by short-term loading.

Analysis of total, immediate and additional deformations in reinforced-concrete structures including the calculation of long-term stiffness according to national codes.

  • Calculation of deflections based on regulations stipulated in standards.
  • Long-term deflection obtained as a multiple of short-term deflection and creep coefficient.

Two-step process:

  • linear calculation + input of reinforcement (can be calculated automatically) + calculation of cracks and their effect on stiffness.
  • calculation with modified stiffness.

In order to calculate the long-term deflections in concrete, you need to do the following:

  • Define physically non-linear concrete combinations; In fact, this is automated.
  • Run a linear analysis;
  • Input real (practical) reinforcement or have the program calculate the amount of required reinforcement;
  • Run a non-linear analysis using the Concrete - CDD Command;
  • Display and evaluate the linear/CDD results including creep deformation figures.

Long-term deflection (CDD) calculations can be performed according to Eurocode 2 + all supported national annexes.


Required modules:

  • sen.00
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