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Eurocodes in SCIA Engineer

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With more than 30 years of experience with the Eurocodes, SCIA Engineer includes numerous functionalities, methods and references, prescribed by these standards. The design according to the Eurocodes in SCIA Engineer extends through multiple program modules, most of which are dedicated to a particular Eurocode part. Most modules allow for nationally determined parameters. For companies active on an international market, the integration of nearly all national annexes in one software platform is clearly a cost-related and technical benefit.

Besides the implementation of the Eurocode methodology, SCIA Engineer contains a library of national annexes where country-specific methods and parameters are available. The Manager for National Annexes allows the user to verify and adapt nationally determined parameters.

Below some of the SCIA Engineer features are listed.

EN 1990 Automatic generation of building and bridge combinations
EN 1991 Automatic generation of snow and wind loads on structures based on the location
  A 3D wind generator makes it possible to generate easily wind loads on buildings with defined outer surface
EN 1992 Comprehensive tool for design and checks of concrete structures: fast, transparent with integrated Engineering Report
  Prestressed and non-prestressed concrete beams, columns, slabs.
  Check of fire resistance of beams, columns according to the general rules and simplified methods as defined in EN 1992-1-2
  Design rules and detailing provisions for prestressed and reinforced concrete bridges according to EN 1992-2
EN 1993 Cross-section and stability analysis of steel structures according to EN 1993-1-1 including the possibility of optimisation
  Cross section and stability verification of steel members under fire in the resistance domain or in the temperature domain, according to EN 1993-1-2
  Integrated input and check of cellular beams in line with ENV 1993-1-1
  Cold-formed steel design according to EN 1993-1-3
  Analysis of steel structures with plastic hinges
  Checks and verification of steel frame connections (bolted, welded and hinged) according to EN 1993-1-8
EN 1994 Design of composite beams in the construction non-composite stage (according to EN 1993) and in the final composite stage (according to EN 1994)
  Design checks of composite columns, based on the simplified method of design (applicable to prismatic columns with double-symmetric sections) according to EN 1994-1-1
  Additional checks control minimal degree of shear connection, minimum area of longitudinal reinforcement as per EN 1994-1-1 5.5.1(5), etc.
  Fire resistance calculation of composite columns based on EN 1994-1-2
EN 1995 ULS and SLS checks of solid and glued laminated timber structures according to EN 1995-1-1, including AutoDesign for optimisation of the timber section
  Definition of the environmental class
EN 1996 Masonry material definition including EC6 related properties
EN 1997 Stability check of pad foundations
EN 1998 Seismic analysis based on the response spectrum method using CQC or SRSS modal superposition
EN 1999 Complete solution for EC9 design of aluminium structures, including design of transverse welds, slenderness, local and bow imperfections
EN 12811-1 Scaffolding check
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