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Mobile loads (incl advanced and train loads)

sens.16 - Moving loads

Loads & Combinations

This module allows simulation of moving loads along a specified path on 1D as well as 2D members. It has two parts - train loads which is used for generation of quasi-moving loads on slabs and mobile load for definition of moving load along the specified path.

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sens.00 Basic non-linear analysis

sens.00 - Basic non-linear analysis

Analysis & Results

This module deals with basic non-linear analysis of frame structures as well as surfaces. It also allows you to use non-linear supports and hinges for the analysis. Possibility to run multiple analysis (linear, non-linear ...) in a batch. Manual and automatic mesh refinement.

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Stability analysis

sens.01 - Stability analysis

Analysis & Results

This module calculates the global buckling mode of a structure under the given loading. Stability calculations are used e.g. to obtain an insight into the buckling mechanisms of a structure, to verify if 2nd order calculations are required, etc.

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Advanced geometric non-linear analysis - cable

sens.03 - Advanced geometric non-linear analysis

Analysis & Results

This module includes advance functionality for geometric non-linear analysis such as cables incl. initial prestressing, membranes and so-called non-linear stability analysis. For stability analysis, non-linearities such as members, only traction/pressure, non-linear springs etc. are taken into account.

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Soil interaction

sens.04 - Soil interaction

Analysis & Results

C parameters have an influence on the contact tension (and vice versa). The subsidence of the contact layer and the C parameters are influenced by the contact tension - the calculation, based on a Pasternak model, is iterative and determines the occurring settings and the impact on the structure.

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sens.06 Material non-linear analysis for concrete

sens.06 - Material non-linear analysis for concrete

Analysis & Results

This module is suitable for the analysis of the redistribution of internal forces due to the physical non-linear behaviour of (reinforced) concrete or masonry structures in combination with non-linear conditions and geometrical non-linearity. This module takes account of the physical non-linear stiffness of concrete.

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Dynamic eigenmodes analysis

sens.10 - Dynamic eigenmodes analysis

Analysis & Results

Calculation of the characteristic frequencies and modes of the member construction. Automatic calculation of the self-weight of the structure. For each characteristic value, the characteristic mode will be calculated with the subspace iteration method.

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sens.11 - Seismic harmonic load time-history analysis

Analysis & Results

As an extension to the calculation of eigenmodes, the advanced dynamics module includes harmonic, seismic and Von Karman vibration analysis as well as direct time integration method. The modal participation factors are indicated. The results can be combined with the results from a static calculation.

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Construction Stages

scia.a.const_stages - Construction Stages

Analysis & Results

Since civil structures are frequently designed and constructed with miscellaneous materials (e.g. steel, prefab and in-situ cast concrete), the static system of the structure changes during its erection. This module enables you to calculate structures that consist of 1D and 2D elements in different phases.

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