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Shape Representation in IFC File Format

Interoperability & BIM

One of the important things in the IFC file format is the shape representation. A solid model is a complete representation of the nominal shape of a product with all points in the interior connected. Any point can be classified as being inside, outside, or on the boundary of the solid.

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BIM toolbox (Member Recogniser, Alignment, Clash Check)

BIM toolbox (Member Recogniser, Alignment, Clash Check)

Interoperability & BIM

SCIA Engineer is unique is this way that it allows the engineer to define a relation between the real shape (structural model) and the analysis model. The user will decide which of the two is the primary one. The other is automatically generated by SCIA Engineer. 

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aluminium design SCIA Engineer 19.1

Aluminium design update in SCIA Engineer 19.1

Aluminium Design

Section and member design of aluminium products according to the latest EN 1999-1-1 + A1 + A2: 2013. Classification and effective section derivation for any aluminium cross-section shape: whether taken from internal libraries, drawn by the user, or imported from CAD software. Effective section derivation for localised buckling effects and heat-affected zones from both longitudinal and transverse welds on the member.

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Sections on 2D members - resultant

Results evaluation improvements

Analysis & Results

SCIA Engineer 19 contains entrancement for graphical representation as well as modelling of sections in 2D members. Users often create sections on 2D member to get a feeling of behaviour of such a member and e.g. see the distribution of internal forces.

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model modifiers

Model modifiers

Analysis & Results

SCIA Engineer 19.0 comes with feature called Model modifiers. This feature unifies absences and property modifiers to one service. The main benefit of this unification is that absences and property modifiers can be used in one modification group and such a group attached to the load case.

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mode filtering results filtered

Mode filtering for response spectrum analysis

Analysis & Results

Mode filtering decreases number of needed modes and time needed for calculation of the response spectrum analysis. You can choose from two filtering methods - total mass (where you are prescribing percent of the total moving masses) and mass threshold (where you are prescribing the smallest amount of mass to be taken into account).

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