SCIA Engineer

SCIA ENGINEER 21 is a giant leap in structural engineering software design.

Forget about cluttered and overwhelming interface, fixed workflows, limited customisation and insufficient working space. SCIA Engineer 21 brings a revolutionary new interface with leading-edge ergonomics and unequalled efficiency gains that is easily customised to suit the way you work. It makes your work faster and easier.

SCIA Engineer 17 brings a large number of new features and improvements dedicated to boosting your productivity.

SCIA Engineer 20 brings a comprehensive collection of improvements that will help you design concrete and steel structures even faster and more effortlessly than before. These new capabilities help structural engineers save the valuable time and produce a safe, reliable and economical design with a minimum of manual effort.

SCIA Engineer 19 (19.0 & 19.1) brings multiple workflow improvements as well as many new functionalities that will help you handle the analysis of multi-storey buildings and other civil engineering structures with minimum effort while simultaneously increasing the overall efficiency of standard day-to-day tasks.

SCIA Engineer 18.1 brings a large number of new features and improvements dedicated to boosting your productivity.

SCIA Engineer 16 brings a vast number of enhancements, extensions and modifications that extend throughout the whole workflow of the structural engineer.

Version 15.3  comes with several breakthrough features, and dozens of improvements in many areas of the software.

  • Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
  • Steel Connections
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • General Improvements

“Expanding Design”: The latest version of Scia’s structural analysis and design software delivers capabilities to move beyond the traditional limits of 3D structural analysis software by integrating engineering design workflow, even with customized modifications.

  • Enhancements and extensions in code-design capabilities
  • Increase of effectiveness of your day-to-day work
  • Checking of reinforced concrete cross-sections with Scia Concrete Section

New features in Scia Engineer, like Engineering Report, Open Checks, Scia Design Forms as well as many other functionality extensions bring structural engineers new opportunities

  • Design documentation - Engineering Report
  • Seismic Design of Buildings
  • Scia Design Forms
  • Other improvements in Scia Engineer 201
  • Multi-material design with new EN1995 Timber integration
  • Interoperability with focus on Open BIM
  • Advanced analysis with integrated design
  • Maintenance, user experience & improvements
  • Eurocodes Leadership
  • Interoperability and Open BIM
  • User Experience
  • Special Tools

Version 2010 of Scia Engineer represents a major release and comes with a set of new modules as well as with numerous improvements across the whole program. Some of the topics...

  • Interoperab
  • Internationalization
  • Arrival of the Eurocodes
  • Innovation
  • 3D wind load generator
  • Effective design of buildings
  • Modelling and interoperability
  • Design of concrete structures
  • More...

What are the most important characteristics of a first class structural software platform? It is summarized in three words:

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Openness
  • Section Along Curve
  • Model Tendons
  • Certified IFC Interface
  • Direct Modification in Reinforcement Planning
  • Real Time Renderer
  • CineRender
  • Smar​tParts
  • Creating custom and parametric 2D/3D objects
  • Allplan Connect offers high-quality CAD content
  • Optimized workflows for reinforcement planning
  • Languages and Standards
  • Optimized CAD-Reports
  • Seamless data exchange
  • Ergonomic reinforcement design
  • Automatic update
Solibri Model Checker v7.1: new functionality with an intelligent measurement tool, redlining, and BIM Collaboration BCF1 enhancements for the Quality Assurance and Control process.