Using commands in SCIA Engineer

Functions can be activated quickly and easily by typing a command in the command line. Besides the already known selection command "SEL" there are a lot of useful commands available in SCIA Engineer 2012.

For example, you can quickly change the view by applying the following commands:

  • View in direction X:  "x"
  • View in direction Y:  "y"
  • View in direction Z:  "z"
  • View in direction AXO:  "axo"

All the standard commands can be viewed by going to Settings > Options > Show default commands.

In this list of commands, you will notice that not every command is assigned to a shortcut. you now have the opportunity to define shortcuts via Settings > Options > Customize shortcuts.

In this file, new shortcuts can be entered or existing shortcuts can be adjusted.


  • To enter a command in SCIA Engineer, you can just start typing without the necessity to put focus on the command line.
  • The commands are not case sensitive.

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