Why are some features not available in the project ?

When you create a new project, you can select a Project level in the Project data menu. There are two options for the Project level: Standard or Advanced:

When the Standard option is selected, some features are removed from the project.

If you are missing some features in a project and you need to use them, you have to open the Project data menu and select the Advanced level.  

Features that are missing with the Standard level:

Project settings:Functionality > Only options Non-linearity, Buckling and CAD-shape are available. In Non-linearity, only options Initial deformations and curvature and 2ndorder – geometrical nonlinearity are available.

Project settings: Model > Only option One is available.

Project settings: Loads > Neither Wind load nor Snow load can be defined.

Service Structure > Items Arbitrary profiles, Import ESA project, Rigid arm, Cross-link are not available.

Service Structure: New beam > In 3D model, parameter Alpha is not available.

Service Structure: Support > Only Point supports in node can be defined.

Node > It is not possible to define local co-ordinate system of nodes.

Geometrical manipulations > The following geometric manipulations are not available:

  • Scale
  • Stretch
  • Enlarge by defined length
  • Break in defined points
  • Join
  • Extend
  • Polyline edit
  • Curve edit

Calculation > Function Mesh generation is not available. The mesh can be generated only as an integral step of calculation procedure.

Force load > Parameter Eccentricity is not available for force loads.

Predefined load > Predefined load is not available.

User co-ordinate system > Definition and storing of named user co-ordinate systems is not available.

Line grid > Line grid is not available.

Selections > Filter for selections is not available.