Engineering Report - How can I add free text to my report ?

Free text or formatted text is a report item you will use a lot.
It allows you to elaborate your report and add explanatory texts in between the data which is extracted from your SCIA Engineer project
In the "Special items" list you'll find the report item named "Formatted text"

Engineering Report - insert formatted text

Add it to your navigator and move it to the desired location.
Select the item and go to it's properties. There you will find an "Edit text" option.

Engineering Report - edit formatted text

A basic text editor is at your disposal. It holds most of the features you need for basic text editing, such as

  • clipboard support
  • font type, font size, font color
  • style : bold, italic, underline,subscript, superscript


Important to know is that all formatting within a formatted text will have priority on the style to which it belongs.

Engineering Report - editing formatted text

Engineering Report - result formatted text