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Align model

Details of Align model

  • Module code ESA11506
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on aligning the model in SCIA AutoConverter: first the alignment settings and then the align step itself.


Question: What are the best settings for alignment?
Answer: Before you try to do any alignment settings, we would strongly recommend to use the default settings in the first run, and based on any possible issues, refine the settings adequately.

Question: I am still struggling to get a perfectly aligned model.
Answer: Alignment has its limits and for some models it is more time efficient to let the alignment do bulk work and do the final alignment in the CAE application (like SCIA Engineer).

Question: I am struggling to add objects to newly created group.
Answer: First you need to select a group on the left, and then select objects in the 3D scene. An “Add” icon will appear next to the selected group.


Question: I want to see only the aligned model after Alignment.
Answer: Turn off recognized (purple) model on the left panel by clicking on the Eye icon.

Question: Turning off the structural model turned off everything.
Answer: The structural model works as a parent for all additional models and therefore, when you turn it OFF for the first time, you will turn all other models as well. Just turn OFF and ON again the Aligned model and you will see only that one in the 3D scene.

Question: How do I get the aligned model to SCIA Engineer?
Answer: There are two ways: upload it to Bimplus or export it as a SAF file. SCIA Engineer can download or import both.