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Create a custom cross-section

Details of Create a custom cross-section

  • Module code ESA1104
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

The module esa.07 General Cross-section (old protection) or sen.05 General cross-section editor  (cloud protection) allows users to create their own cross-sections.

Go to the cross-section library and choose a new section.

Then choose General:

After adding the General cross-section, the Cross-section editor is opened:

In this cross-section editor, a custom cross-section can be created.

Cross-sections to start the drawing from can be loaded from the cross-section library or dwgs can be loaded from a CAD-program. For more information, see also the FAQ about importing cross-sections from DWG (FAQ ESA1111).

Or it is possible to draw your own cross-section in this editor. The materials these cross-sections consist of can also be chosen. For instance a steel tube filled with concrete can be created as cross-section.

After having created your own cross-section, click on ‘Update’. Now the properties of the cross-section are calculated.

These properties are used by the program for calculating the internal forces and deformations.