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Model a 'tension only' element

Details of Model a 'tension only' element

  • Module code ESA1102
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

Follow the steps described below to model a 'tension only' element (you need basic module sens.00 Basic nonlinear calculation for this). 

1) In the Project data dialog (Main menu > File > Project settings), on the ‘Functionality’ tab, the functionalities ‘Nonlinearity’ and ‘Beam local nonlinearity’ need to be selected:


2) In the Input panel > workstation Structure > category Boundary conditions (or via the SCIA Spotlight), a new item ‘Nonlinearity1D’ is now available:

Choose for ‘Tension only’ and select the bars that should only work under tension – not under compression. Labels will appear on the selected bars, in the form of arrows.

3) The next step is to create nonlinear combinations via Main menu > Libraries > Load cases, combinations > Nonlinear combinations.

For more information, reference is made to the FAQ Nonlinear combinations.

4) Now the nonlinear analysis can be performed. This is an iterative calculation, during which compression will be eliminated from the ‘tension only’ bars.

5) The results for the normal force - in a selection of ‘tension only’ bars - can now be viewed and compared via Main menu > Results > 1D members > Internal forces.

  • Result for a linear combination:
  • Result for a nonlinear combination (with the same load content as the linear combination):