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Clean temporary files

Details of Clean temporary files

  • Module code ESA1918
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

The normal operation of SCIA Engineer produces a substantial number of temporary files which can assume a considerable size.

These files take space on the hard disk at the point that, with time, they can generate memory and/or other issues that can affect the correct behaviour of the software.

Hence, it is a good rule to periodically clean these temporary files.

To do so, you should remove all the content of the temporary file folder, which by default is:

C:\Users\your session\ESAXX.X\Temp


  • “your session” is the name of the user session in the PC
  • “ESAXX.X” is the version of SCIA Engineer in use (for instance, ESA21.1 if you are using SCIA Engineer 21.1)

Note that to successfully remove all the temporary files, SCIA Engineer should be closed.