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Add columns to a table in the Engineering report

Details of Add columns to a table in the Engineering report

In the Engineering report, it is possible to edit the tables: columns can be deleted and/or additional columns can be added.

This FAQ will give an example for a table with nodal supports, where a column with the stiffness of the support in Z direction will be added to this table.

Select the item/table in the Engineering report and select the option ‘Edit’ in the Document item bar:


Now the ‘Table layout editor’ is opened. In the list of available items, the desired item (e.g. Stiffness Z) can be added to the TLX properties:


Other items can be added or deleted from the table. When finished, the editor can be closed by clicking on ‘OK’:

Before closing, it is also possible to save the new table layout in a ‘Table Template (TLX Template)’. After inserting a suitable name, this new layout is saved.


You can now choose this template in the properties of an inserted table:


Remark: editing of table layouts is a functionality which needs deeper knowledge of SCIA Engineer and the structure of its data and it is intended for more advanced users. Especially editing of result tables can be very tricky. It is recommendable not to edit the layout of result tables.