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Use joint module alone

Details of Use joint module alone

  • Module code ESA1139
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

How to create a joint by defining internal forces independently of a modeled structure ?

Let’s have a look at a simple example:

  • Create a column with an IPE240 cross-section and a height of 1m

  • Create a beam with an IPE200 cross-section in the middle of the column and with a length of 0.5m

  • Create a fixed support at the base of the column
  • Run the linear analysis with self weight 
  • Create the joint between the column and the beam

  • Then on the menu File / Project settings, click on « Parametric input » :

  • In the menu Libraries / Tools / Parameters, we need to define parameters that correspond to the different internal forces:



  • In the menu Libraries / Tools / Parameters Template Set, we can define the different parameters groups. In this example, we can define one group for the column and one group for the beam:

  • Then on the input panel, on the « Special loads » category, click on « Not calculated internal forces » :
  • Now we have to set non calculated internal forces via the parameters:

  • Finally, in the menu File / Template manager, we can set the internal efforts values applied to the connection :