How to use a section?

A section is used if you don’t want to show the result across a complete element, but only on the section. The only function of a section lies in the representation of results.

There are sections for both 2D and 1D elements. For 2D elements you can show the results on a line by means of a section.  For 1D elements you can show the results in a point by means of a section.

For 2D elements you will find a section on 2D element in the result menu.

It is very important that the properties of the section are entered correctly.

Here two things are important.

Draw: you have to indicate where on the figure you want to show the results. 

Direction of cut: this is the cutting direction (so perpendicular to the element on which you draw a section)

Subsequently, a section can be drawn. It is drawn as a straight line, of which you input the begin and end point.

If you show the results, you can choose between a standard display and a display on the section.   You can also show both of them simultaneously.

This can be indicated in the properties window of the considered result.

As a result you will see the following:

To show the effect of the properties of the section (draw and direction of cut), the following example is shown.

Both sections are entered in a different way, but they represent the same.

Section 1 is drawn in direction Y and has a cutting direction X (1,0,0).

Section 2 is drawn in direction X and has a cutting direction Y (0,1,0).

For both sections, it is best to set the draw on upright to element.

If chosen for direction Y, no results will be shown on the sections, which are parallel to this direction Y.

The result for section 1 is the same as for section 2 and looks as follows:

For a 1D element you can find a section on beam in the construction menu and not in the result menu.

If you want the results to be shown only in the inputted section, you have to set section to input in the properties window of the result.

The result is only shown in the point on the beam where the section is entered.