What to check when using 'Composite elements'

Composite beam

When the functionality 'Composite' has been activated, the following limitations should be taken into account.

The following limitations have been tested on Scia Engineer 2012


  • The type must be set on 'composite beam rib (92)'. This type is only supported for most library profiles, welded sections and  thin walled sections. A message will appear if a section is not supported.
  • The plate which is placed upon the rib can only be a load panel with parallel beams.
  • The supports must be placed at the ends of the beam, and no intermediate support is permitted.


  • To calculate the connectors, the moment diagram at the ends of the beam must be zero.


  • Composite checks are only meant for buildings (for simply supported composite beams and for composite columns)
  • 'Length of zone under consideration' is taken as the distance between two sections with zero bending moment (and is automatically zero for end sections)