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SCIA Training


Looking for SCIA training in our engineering software solutions? Sure there is a session near your location planned in the near future. Check the agenda now.

Are you looking for another topic?

Our team of experts in structural engineering gives custom trainings for any topic you need.
     * Training on your specific project
     * Training on any topic or feature 
          - Analysis: Nonlinear and stability, Dynamics, ...
          - Design: Steel, Concrete, Aluminium, Timber, Foundations, ...
          - Engineering report
          - ...
These trainings are given at your convenience (online, in our offices or in your office). 
Contact us at [email protected] or via your local account manager for more information.

Group trainings

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Parametric design

SCIA Engineer

This online workshop is aiming to explain SCIA Engineer features and tools that are useful when setting up a parametric design workflow using scripting languages like VBA, Python, Rhino Grasshopper,...

English Online, United Kingdom