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Headquarters Picanol Group, Ypres, Belgium

Headquarters Picanol Group

Ypres, Belgium 

Details of Headquarters Picanol Group

  • Client
    MV Engineering
  • Country Belgium
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Construction date 01/02/2024

A new head office is being constructed for Picanol Group in Ypres, Belgium. The building will be shaped like a weaving shuttle, reflecting Picanol’s rich weaving machine history. The modelling and analysis of the structure were particularly challenging due to the building's elliptical shape and the resulting variable spans. Due to the unusual shape, MV Engineering utilized post-tensioning techniques in the floors. The design of two stability cores at the ends of the building was particularly challenging, but necessary for the structural integrity of the building. To limit the number of foundation piles, heavy 5-pile massifs were used with pile loads over 2000 kN each. 

SCIA Engineer was an essential tool in overcoming the challenges presented by this project. Its ability to handle complex geometries made it ideal for the unique shape of the building. The software's post-tensioning module was an important tool in the preliminary design of the floors. The deformations of the stability cores were analysed using modification groups to adjust the stiffness of the walls to account for cracking and time-dependent deformations. To determine the reinforcement, the 2D concrete design module in SCIA was used along with integration members that allowed converting the forces to 1D internal forces so the traditional bending theory could be applied. The program's BIM capabilities enabled the smooth export of the extensive calculation model to Tekla, where a full 3D model was built within a limited time frame. Ultimately, the functionality of SCIA Engineer played a crucial role in the successful realization of this unique and challenging project.

This project is a winner in the SCIA User Contest 2023.

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The challenge and motivation in this project was to create a structurally sound building with a unique and unconventional shape.

Client information

MV Engineering is an engineering company with a skilled and dynamic team dedicated to ensuring stability, energy performance and safety coordination. Thanks to the combination of these services, we can offer clients a total package for both large and small projects. Our team of experts has worked on a wide range of projects, from simple renovations to complex engineering designs.

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