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SCIA Student Contest 2023 winner

Pedestrian and cycle bridge Castle Park BedBurg

Details of Pedestrian and cycle bridge Castle Park BedBurg

  • Country Germany
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Degree bachelor
  • Graduation year 2023
  • Institution Hochschule Bochum
  • Study branch Structural design in building construction
  • Student name Lukas Lethmate
  • Mentor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Maas

The small town of 25,000 inhabitants near Cologne has an extensive park in the center of the town, which is used by the residents as a recreational area. To make this park even more attractive, the city decided to build a new bridge over the river that runs through the park and to hold a competition. The bridge had to span at least 30 meters and be 3 meters wide. Themes of sustainability and conservation were to be central to the design. The participants had to find and integrate parts of existing structures into the construction of the new bridge. In my design, I chose an old Mero system from a sports hall in Lotte (Germany), and glulam beams from an old roofing of the Lohberg coal mine in Dinslaken (Germany). The glulam beam girder is designed as a framework girder and acts as the main girder. The Mero system is connected to it and absorbs all horizontal and vertical forces. I decided to use a trapezoidal sheet as bracing and base for the tread. The whole construction as well as all node details were designed with Archicad under BIM standard. With this BIM data all calculations and verifications were done in SCIA Engineer. The models would also be manufactured based on this BIM data using 3D printing technology and milling robot. 

Download the presentation bachelor thesis:

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