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Details of Snowman

  • Client
    Atelier PHA
  • Country Russia
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer

This project involves the building geometry and structural system of a snowman decoration in Novosibirsk, Russia. The supporting structure consists of a 6.6-metre-high steel structure. It is made of rectangular and square thin-walled tubes and its maximum diameter is 5.0 metre. The engineering office Atelier P.H.A. analysed the complete 3D model of the snowman structure in SCIA Engineer. 

Analysis of load case combinations in SCIA Engineer

Atelier P.H.A. needed to analyse the load case combinations for both ultimate and serviceability limit states. SCIA Engineer enabled the engineering office to introduce all loads, such as self-weight, coating, wind, snow and icing. The software was also used to calculate the internal forces and deformation of the steel structure. Furthermore, the engineering office analysed the global stability of the snowman structure and determined the detailed forces in connections.

Total deformation of the Snowman’s head

BIM with SCIA Engineer and Tekla Structures 

The built-in "SCIA 2 Tekla" module in SCIA Engineer was used to transfer the model to Tekla Structures in which the structure was made ready for fabrication. The fact that the designer combined the strength of the two software, resulted in an effective cooperation between the contractor, designer and fabricator.

Snowman in Tekla Structures 

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Client information

For more information check the website of PHA.

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