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Wooden Ball

Wooden Ball

Details of Wooden Ball

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The “Wooden Ball” viewing platform – with its total height of 40.0 m – is located in Steinberg am See. The main construction consists of laminated timber and slim iron components that transfer tensile stress. The foundation of the Wooden Ball is formed by a reinforced concrete plate with the thickness of 0.85 m and the diameter of 29.00 m.

The geometric form, the height of the construction and the combination of different loads (pay- and snow load, wind pressure) require intensive structural design in coordination with the architecture. The result is a meaningful and efficient structural design, with an optimised component design.
The quick geometric design input, combined with the automatic cross-section optimization, resulted in significant time savings in the structural design. Problems were solved constructively together with the SCIA Engineer hotline.


“Use of multi-materials in the original design with the automatic optimisation of the cross-sections.”

Client information

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