SCIA Engineer is not removed/added from the menu Add/Remove Programs

Sometimes SCIA Engineer cannot be uninstalled using “Add/Remove programs” in Windows.
Sometimes this give an error message or SCIA Engineer is not present in list of Add/Remove Programs. This way, it is not possible to uninstall the software with this procedure.

This problem can occur with every Windows based program.
To easily uninstall SCIA Engineer, use the following procedure:
Go to ‘Start’ -> ‘Run’
In the dialog that appears, type the following command depending on the version of SCIA Engineer. This will execute the same procedures as uninstalling through Add/Remove Programs:


Software Command
Scia Engineer 2011 msiexec /x {A987CA63-95E7-47E5-AA08-38C0D84BB03C}
Scia Engineer 2010.1 msiexec /x {AA2CAF77-2FF7-4112-8A0A-BB83A8AC7355}
Scia Engineer 2010.0 msiexec /x {824F20CB-8531-4392-B612-24D61C591A0C}
Scia Engineer 2009 msiexec /x {6DBAF277-66A6-4DA9-8E01-AA549CED1DDB}
Scia Engineer 2008.1 msiexec /x {463CEEF0-8C90-40F6-98BB-46A1291B2BC6}
Scia Engineer 2008.0 msiexec /x {27498953-A7BB-4F1E-8EFA-F50DBB067FC2}