Which exceptions should I add to my antivirus?

Excluding SCIA Engineer from your antivirus software increases the performance and decreases the risk for corrupted data, files and errors due to the antivirus blocking the normal functioning of the software. This is the list of files & folders to exclude in the Antivirus software:

(1) Folders (and all it's subfolders):

  • C:\Users\<login name>\ESAXX.X (XX.X = version of SCIA Engineer: for example ESA19.1 for SCIA 19.1)
  • C:\Users\<login name>\Documents\ESAXX.X (XX.X = version of SCIA Engineer: for example ESA19.1 for SCIA 19.1)


(2) the most important (and most frequently used) executables are:

  • Esa.exe
  • EsaEngineeringReport.exe
  • EsaStartupScreen.exe
  • Solver.exe
  • Solver64.exe
  • DesignForms_CalcExe.exe
  • Lockman.exe

These executables reside in the installation folder of SCIA Engineer (with XX.X = version of SCIA Engineer: for example Engineer19.1 for SCIA 19.1):

  • SCIA 32 bit version: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCIA\EngineerXX.X
  • SCIA 64 bit version: C:\Program Files\SCIA\EngineerXX.X

Remark: some customers exclude the complete installation folder of SCIA Engineer, because testing shows that this has a positive influence on the performance of the software.

Depending on the brand of the Antivirus, this increases the speed 3%-5%.