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Model view

Details of Model view

  • Module code ESA11503
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on how to adjust a view in the SCIA AutoConverter.

Question: What are the basic controls to view the model?
Answer: You can use your mouse and keyboard to:

  • Rotate – left click and drag the mouse
  • Pan – right click and drag the mouse
  • Zoom – Wheel button
  • Smooth zoom – CTRL + Wheel button
  • Select an object – left click on the object
  • Select more objects – CTRL + left click on the objects
  • Area selection – CTRL + hold left mouse

Question: Zooming is too rough.
Answer: You can use smooth zoom by holding down CTRL and then use the wheel button on your mouse.

Question: I got lost in the model during zooming and moving.
Answer: Use the Reset scene button at the bottom of the screen. This will move the camera to a default position and it also resets any isolated or hidden objects.