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Profile library not found (error -4)

Details of Profile library not found (error -4)

  • Module code ESA1802
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

'Error-4 profilb not found' means that there’s something wrong with the file which contains the profile library.
In the following some steps are explained what to do:

- When you try to load an old project before a new one was created after the installation of a new version the error can appear. In this case:

  • Open SCIA Engineer
  • Create a new project
  • Load a cross-section
  • When this is done, you can try to load an old project. If you get the error when you try to load a cross-section proceed to the following step.

- Check the path and the size of the profile library file. 

  • In SCIA Engineer, go to Main menu > View > Global UI settings > tab Templates & directories
  • Now check in Windows Explorer whether this path is linked to the the prof-file. In order to check the contents of this file, the size is important (select file > right-click on mouse > Properties). This should be over 8 MB.
  • When the size is smaller, you should copy the profile library file from a colleague or contact our support to send this file to you. Replace the profile library file and restart SCIA Engineer.

- When previous steps are checked and the error still appears:

  • Create a new folder under C:\ and name it SCIA
  • Copy the profile library file to this location
  • Change the directory in SCIA Engineer (Main menu > View > Global UI settings > tab Templates & directories > Profile libraries).
    Make sure that no project is open, else you can’t change the path.
    Double click on the path and then you can browse to C:\SCIA\ProfileLibrary
  • Close and restart the program

- If the path and the content of the folder are correct, you have to check if you have sufficient read- and write rights to this folder.