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Bridge combinations

Details of Bridge combinations

(At the bottom of this FAQ you can find a link to have a look at this FAQ for the old interface or Legacy interface of SCIA Engineer)

SCIA Engineer offers the possibility to easily create load combinations for bridge analysis following Eurocode EN1990/A1 annex A2.

In order to enable such a possibility, the functionalities “bridge design” and “load combinations” should be activated in the project menu:

Then, to specify that the input load cases should be used to assembly bridge combinations, the user should select the correct “structure type” and according bridge load type in the load groups menu:

At this point a new bridge combination can be created via the menu combination, selecting the correct “structure type”:

Note that the setup of all parameters relative to the bridge combinations (rules of combinations, combination coefficients and ponderation coefficients), can be accessed via annex manager > EN 1990 setup, as shown in the following images: