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Use action 'new combination from combination key'

Details of Use action 'new combination from combination key'

In the results menu (Main menu > Results) you can ask for internal forces, stresses, ...

In case that you have a lot of (envelope) combinations, it could be useful to limit the number of nonlinear or stability combinations in a first design round.

For example when you want to calculate a stability analysis, it can be interesting to start with the combinations which resulted in the biggest compression forces or normal stresses.

First you can ask for the internal forces for the ULS combination and open the Results table:

Then you can click on the header of the column of the normal forces to sort them from most the negative value (biggest compression force) to the most positive value. In the column 'Case' you can have a look which combination keys result in the biggest compression forces:

Then you can select 'New combination from Combination key'. You tick on the combination that you would like to convert and you select the type of combinations (linear, nonlinear or stability) that you would like to create:

Now the new combinations are created.