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Keyboard hotkeys

Details of Keyboard hotkeys

Improved usability is one of the key areas we focus on in SCIA Engineer for boosted productivity of our users. Using shortcuts can save you a lot clicks and thus, shorten the time and make working with the software easier. In SCIA Engineer, you can use default shortcuts as well as customized shortcuts created by you or your colleagues. 

Default hotkeys

The default shortcuts cover the most frequently used commands and actions, for example those in the main menu. In the table below you can find the default shortcuts. Be aware that some shortcuts are only available since version 22.0

Action Shortcut
Close SCIA Engineer Alt+F4
Close project Ctrl+F4
Open material library Ctrl+M
Select all Ctrl+A
Add 1D member Ctrl+B
Add column Ctrl+Shift+B
Copy  Ctrl+C
Hide selected elements Ctrl+D
Hide unselected elements Ctrl+E
Open cross-section library Ctrl+J
Open combinations dialog Ctrl+K
Open load cases dialog Ctrl+L
Open new project Ctrl+N
Open existing project Ctrl+O
Print modelling screen Ctrl+P
Toggle visibility Ctrl+Q
Rotate Ctrl+R
Save project Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Add 2D member Ctrl+T
Add wall Ctrl+Shift+H
Visibility by layers Ctrl+W
Move Ctrl+X
Redo Ctrl+Y
Undo Ctrl+Z
Delete selected elements Del
Repeat last command Enter
End command Esc
Type in SCIA spotlight Space
Open coordinates info Ctrl+Shift+D
Match properties Ctrl+Shift+F
Open linegrid manager Ctrl+Shift+G
Refresh results F5
Recalculate model Ctrl+F5
Open calculation dialog Ctrl+Shift+F5
Tracking guides on/off F7
Ortho on/off F8
Move UCS F9
Move UCS according to local member LCS F10
Switch workplane F11
Reset UCS to GCS position Ctrl+F11
View perpendicular to workplane F12
Open 3D graphic analyzer Ctrl + F12
Isometric/perspective view Ctrl+Shift+F12
Zoom in Ctrl+ +
Zoom out Ctrl + - 

Change hotkeys

It is possible to edit shortcuts in SCIA Engineer. Changing the shortcuts in SCIA Engineer can be easily done in the main menu or with the SCIA spotlight.

  • For every function in the Main menu, it is possible to assign a shortcut by clicking at the right side and inputting the shortcut.


  • For every function which is not a part of the Main menu, such as the function in the input panel, you can assign a shortcut with the SCIA spotlight.

    The used shortcuts are stored in the user configuration file which you can find here: 
    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\SCIA\SCIAEngineer 22.0

    After making changes in SCIA Engineer and closing it, this configuration file will be updated. This means this file can be used to share a set of standard shortcuts enabling you to work in a customized environment, for example, that can be easily shared within the whole company.