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Results table

Details of Results table

  • Module code ESA1417
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • FAQ topic

The Results table allows you to view results in tabulated form including FEM results for nodes, 1D and 2D members, code-checks etc.

The results table is available in the new interface of SCIA Engineer since version 21.1. Basic module sen.00 is required to use it.

Similarly to the input table, 'Results table' can be found under Tools in the main menu.

The result type that will be displayed in the table is selected via the Result workstation of the Process toolbar, or via workstations Steel or Concrete. Once the calculation is performed and results are available, the results table may be refreshed any time to reflect the adjusted load type and load properties from the property panel.

Following tools are available in the table results:

  • Sorting: the result tables may be sorted by clicking on the column header. Depending on the content of the cells, a column may be sorted alphabetically or numerically, in ascending or descending order.
  • Clipboard link: values can be easily copied to the clipboard using the CTRL+C shortcut. All cells can be selected by clicking the top left cell (the empty corner cell).
  • Column selector: the column selector can be used to display hidden columns and can be opened via the icon. You can select or deselect the desired columns.
  • You can reorder the columns by dragging and dropping the column header to the desired position.
  • Via right-clicking on a column header you get several options, such as Add all columns, Hide column, Reset to default, ...
  • To delete result tabs you can drag and drop the tab to the trash can.


  • The table shows a warning if the selected result is not currently supported.