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Announcing the winners of the SCIA Student Contest 2022

Details of Announcing the winners of the SCIA Student Contest 2022

What started as a way to give students the exposure and experience they deserve, is now starting to grow into a yearly tradition with more submissions every year: the SCIA student contest. 
The idea is that students who use SCIA Engineer can show us their art of structural design. This way students can maximise their exposure and show the international industry their work. Not only do winners receive extensive media attention, they also get a money prize. 
This year, the jury had the very difficult task to pick just three winners because the technical quality all the participating projects was really high. Also the topics of the presented works were very interesting. All the participants showed a high level of expertise in the field of their studies. At SCIA, we’re very happy that these talented young people will soon join the ranks of civil engineers and will shape our future. 

After a long and serious discussion the jury selected 3 winning projects: 

SCIA Student Contest 2022
Winner 1st place:

Martin Neradílek, Czech Republic, Czech Technical University in Prague 
Uhersko railway station highway overpass

"The jury was impressed by the comprehensiveness of the approach. Seventeen submitted SCIA Engineer projects helped the winner to analyse and assess different variants of a bow bridge, select the most convenient one, and analyse different stages of the construction process."

SCIA Student Contest 2022
Winner 2nd place:

Giorgos Karavatos, Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 
Structural analysis of an irregular Memory Museum

"The jury highly values the way all the challenges were taken up: complicated geometry coming from an innovative architectural design, steel-concrete composite material, seismicity. The jury also appreciates that the geometry was imported from a CAD software."

SCIA Student Contest 2022
Winner 3rd place:

Adel Echresh, Germany, Bochum University of Applied Sciences
Space canopy between the BlueBox and the H-building- Bochum University

"The jury awards the outstanding usage of SCIA Engineer features, together with a very interesting and eye appealing shape of the canopy. Also the physical scaled model of the project nicely accompanies this attractive and absorbing design."

The rest of the top 10 looks as follows: 

  1. JoseLuis Rodriguez, Slovenia 
    Generative Design for Constructability improvements with BIM|Lean approach 
  2. Magdalena Kabelova, Czech Republic 
    Design of a prestressed concrete road viaduct close to Lisbon
  3. Miguel Roberto Rabello Chaves, Brasil 
    Multiple Floor Building intended to Mixed Use 
  4. Martin Cecotka, Slovakia 
    The football stadium 
  5. Mateus Narcizo De Almeida Nunes, Brasil 
    Structural analysis and design of steel sheds with double gabled roofs 
  6. Henrique Tavares Lima, Brasil 
    Modal analysis of reinforced concrete slabs for use in rotating equipment in the textile industry 
  7. Vitor Hugo Trevisan Dos Santos, Brasil 
    Analysis of simplified modellings by the associated plan frame method in verifying the global stability of buildings 


We sincerely congratulate the winners on their achievements and thank all the participants for having shared their projects with us. 

SCIA Contest



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