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SCIA Student Contest 2022

Uhersko railway station highway overpass

Details of Uhersko railway station highway overpass

  • Country Czechia
  • Software
    • SCIA Engineer
  • Graduation year 2022
  • Institution Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Study branch Civil Engineering
  • Student name Martin Neradilek
  • Mentor doc. Ing. Marek Foglar, Ph.D.

My project presents the design of a highway bridge over the railway station in Uhersko, Czech Republic. There are 4 variants from which a final variant is chosen, presenting the solution with network arch with prestressed concrete tie, discussed in this thesis. Following the chosen variant, the research focuses on tied arch bridges and compares different types of hanger arrangements. The practical part deals with a specific design of a bridge with a network arch, which has been preliminary assessed in the final stage of lifetime period. The last chapter presents the process of construction, which is alternatively designed by a method of longitudinal launching and a method of rotation. 
Both complicated methods were chosen based on the requirement of minimalization of traffic closures on the railway. The conclusion compares both and chooses the final method for construction. The whole static analysis has been completed in SCIA Engineer with the use of a preliminary 2D frame model and a final global 3D model of the network arch bridge.

My name is Martin Neradilek. I´m 25 years old and I come from Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. I choose to study Civil Engineering after completing a few part-time jobs at construction sites during the summer holidays at high school.

Consult the presentation bachelor thesis (in CZ)

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