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Foundation pad design

senfd.01 - Foundation pad design

Other topics

This functionality in SCIA Engineer enables you to perform a stability check of pad foundations in accordance with EC-EN 1997-1. You are able to check both the superstructure as the foundations. You can optimize one or more dimensions of the pad foundation.

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Timber design

sentd.01 - Timber design

Timber Design

The Timber design module offers an interactive, semi-automated tool for the design of timber structures according to EN 1995-1-1. Ultimate and serviceability verifications are available for solid and glue laminated timber. Support for 19 National Annexes.

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aluminium design

senad.01 - Aluminium design EN 1999

Aluminium Design

Precise handling of aluminium members by considering all local buckling effects and heat-affected zones, determination of buckling factors and second-order effects, fast checking and compatibility with advanced analysis features, such as various types of nonlinearity, absences, 2D FEM stress analysis of cross-sections

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General Arrangement Drawings

sendt.01 - General arrangement drawings


SCIA Engineer is equipped with tools for fast preparation of general arrangement drawings. SCIA Engineer automatically generates plan views, vertical or arbitrary section views. The drawings are then generated from these plan views and sections.

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SCIA Engineer 24

New features in SCIA Engineer 24.0

New features by version

SCIA Engineer 24 comes in one complete version equipped with a brand-new solver. These technological innovations bring fast multi-core parallel computing, more control over the calculation process, broader analysis capabilities and other improvements in user interface, code design and other parts of the software. 

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SCIA Engineer 22.1

New features in SCIA Engineer 22.1

New features by version

CLT panels have become a popular structural material. Discover how elements made of this modern material can be designed in SCIA Engineer 22.1. And this is not the only enhancement included in the latest SCIA Engineer version. Watch our webinars to learn all new features for effective, accurate and economical design of structures.

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SCIA Engineer 22

New features in SCIA Engineer 22 - general enhancements

New features by version

SCIA Engineer 22 offers better, clearer and, if required, more compact presentations of both input data and results. And, not unimportant in the current economic conditions, with SCIA Engineer 22 you’ll have a better insight in the economy of the design, helping you save material.

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