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Construction Stages

sens.20 - Construction Stages

Analysis & Results

Since civil structures are frequently designed and constructed with miscellaneous materials (e.g. steel, prefab and in-situ cast concrete), the static system of the structure changes during its erection. This module enables you to calculate structures that consist of 1D and 2D elements in different phases.

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sens.21 Prestressing modelling and analysis

sens.21 - Prestressing modelling and analysis

Analysis & Results

This module enables you to introduce tendons with 3D geometry and calculate losses of prestressing. It includes automatic generation of eccentric finite elements for group of tendons and calculation of equivalent load, internal forces and stresses caused by prestressing

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Sequential analysis

sens.22 - Sequential analysis

Analysis & Results

In sequential analysis you can select a predefined sequence of different calculations, where the second one starts from the results of the first one. This means that the results from the first analysis are taken as the initial state for the second one.

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sencd.01 concrete design results

sencd.01 - RC design of frames & surfaces

Concrete Design

SCIA Engineer represents a complete tool for the design and checking of reinforced and prestressed structures, enabling the calculation and checking of prestressed and non-prestressed concrete beams, columns, and concrete slabs, even hollow core ones.

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Concrete punching design

sencd.02 - Concrete punching design

Concrete Design

You can check if the required longitudinal slab or foundation reinforcement is adequate to resist the local shear force at the support. Moreover, you can proceed with the calculation and design of the required shear reinforcement around the support, if necessary.

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concrete design - practical reinforcement

sencd.03 - Practical reinforcement

Concrete Design

This module allows you to define practical reinforcement in beams, columns, plates and walls. Automatic design of practical reinforcement according to the ultimate limit state for concrete beams and columns; automatic design of the required number of stirrups and longitudinal bars and their spacing.

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Long-term deflection analysis

sencd.04 - Long-term deflection analysis

Concrete Design

Analysis of total, immediate and additional deformations in reinforced-concrete structures including the calculation of long-term stiffness according to national codes. Calculation of deflections based on regulations stipulated in standards.

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Concrete fire resistance design

sencd.05 - Concrete fire resistance design

Concrete Design

The fire resistance EN 1992-1-2 is a check for both reinforced and prestressed concrete 1D members (beams and columns) according to EN 1992-1-2. It is fully integrated with modules for structural analysis and with modules for checks of reinforced and prestressed concrete members according to EN 1992-1-1.

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Prestressed concrete design

sencd.06 - Prestressed concrete design

Concrete Design

“Checks of prestressed beams” is an advanced module for those of you who calculate prestressed beams and construction stages. The module support beams of any cross-section modelled in the “Frame-XZ” or “Frame-XYZ” projects. There is no difference between 2D and 3D-structures

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