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sen.00 Frame modelling and linear analysis

sen.00 - Frame modelling and linear analysis


Module sen.00 is the basic SCIA Engineer module that allows for modelling of 1D members (beams, columns, etc.) including all necessary boundary conditions, such as supports, hinges, eccentricities or variable cross-sections along the beam and application of load impulses. It also runs the linear analysis.

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sen.01 Modelling of surfaces

sen.01 - Modelling of surfaces


This module enables you to input flat or curved surfaces in the environment of SCIA Engineer. Planar or curved surfaces may have defined straight or curved edges, constant or variable thickness, specific boundary conditions such as ribs, openings, subregions or cut-outs defined by intersecting surfaces.

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General cross-section editor

sen.05 - General cross-section editor


In the General Cross-section Editor, you can input any arbitrary cross-section shape in a graphical way, including sections composed of multiple entities and multiple materials. Cross-sectional characteristics are calculated and used in the 3D analysis and design environment of SCIA Engineer.


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sen.06 Parametric modelling

sen.06 - Parametric modelling


The Parametric modelling module eliminates the need to actively adapt the model after changes to the initial design and enables general optimisation. Parameters allow you to optimise a structure and obtain the most economical design, minimise the load effect, or optimise any other property of the 3D model.

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sen.07 Open Design

sen.07 - Open Design

Other topics
  • SCIA Engineer offers users the possibility to implement their own engineering calculations and use these as plug-in checks during their everyday work with CAE projects -- e.g. in a graphical review of overall capacity in a 3D structure, in an AutoDesign optimisation, and in reporting.
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sen.10 - BIM toolbox

Interoperability & BIM

BIM toolbox increases your BIM-productivity especially during the exchange of data between CAD and CAE applications and/or between two CAE products. The toolbox offers automatic conversion of general solids to 1D and 2D members, automatic conversion of a structural model to an analysis model, and update of projects.

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revit link

sen.11 - Revit link

Interoperability & BIM

SCIA Engineer is a powerful solution not only for structural analysis itself, but it also features extensive interoperability options. This link allows for transfer of a 3D model between Revit and SCIA Engineer.

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tekla link

sen.12 - Tekla link

Interoperability & BIM

SCIA Engineer is a powerful solution not only for structural analysis itself, but it also features extensive interoperability options. This link enables us to transfer of the model of a structure between Tekla Structures and SCIA Engineer .

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sen.30 - 3D freeform modeller


The 3D Freeform modeller is a tool for modelling of 3D volumetric shapes, primarily devoted for use in structural engineering. It offers all the benefits of full 3D modelling, such as making input in any direction or plane in 3D, rendered or transparent display of edited entities.

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Climatic loads: 2D wind & snow + 3D wind

sens.15 - Wind and snow generator

Loads & Combinations

While the 2D Wind Load Generator is suitable for regular frames or halls, the 3D Wind Load Generator you to generate wind loads on closed 3D buildings. For snow load, 2D generators are available. The advantage here is that you can combine 2D generators for snow and wind.

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