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Download model

Details of Download model

  • Module code ESA11507
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on downloading the model in SCIA AutoConverter.

Question: Should I save the aligned model as new model or as a revision?
Answer: Try to keep structural and analysis model separated, never mix structural and analysis revision under one model. So, if you are saving an aligned model for the first time, save it as a new model. And any other instance of this model as its revision.

Question: How to download saved analysis model to SCIA Engineer?
Answer: You can save aligned model to bimplus and once it is processed on server, you can use bimplus exchange in SCIA Engineer (Main menu > File > Open from > Bimplus). Another way is to download aligned model as SAF in use SAF import in SCIA Engineer (Main menu > File > Open from > SAF model).

Question: Can I create SAF file from already stored analysis model in bimplus?
Answer: Yes you can use Import/Export to SAF file workflow in SCIA AutoConverter. Just select analysis model stored within the opened project and click on save to SAF file.