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Recognize objects

Details of Recognize objects

  • Module code ESA11505
  • Software
    • SCIA AutoConverter
  • FAQ topic

This FAQ bundles some questions and answers on recognizing objects in SCIA AutoConverter: first on the recognizer settings and then on the recognize step itself.


Question: I cannot see any group in material or cross-section mapping.
Answer: You need to pick an attribute in the property selection dialog (the Pen icon).

Question: I want to change one specific cross-section/material group but SCIA AutoConverter applies that setting to all similar groups.
Answer: Turn off the Smart mapping option.

Question: I have done changes in the settings, but nothing happened.
Answer: Setting will take an effect during recognition.

Question: I am struggling to add objects to a newly created group.
Answer: First, you need to select a group on the left, and then select objects in the 3D scene. An “Add” icon will appear next to the selected group.


Question: Recognizer does not run on all objects.
Answer: Make sure that you deselected everything before running the recognizer.

Question: Can I run recognizer only on some objects?
Answer: Yes, just keep them selected and click on Recognize.

Question: Nothing is selected, what will be then recognized?
Answer: If nothing is selected, all visible members in the 3D scene will be recognized. Transparent objects are still considered as visible.

Question: Recognizer finished, but some errors were reported. What can I do with them?
Answer: You will need to go back to the CAD application, adjust the invalid members and try again.