Reference Projects

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Taxi Stop - Brasília

Brasília is known as a city of monuments and this project of a Taxi Stop, built to be installed in four different locations in Brasilia, is an inspiration of architectural design combined with masonry and steel.

The presented project is an EMBRAPA laboratory for biological control.

Martinet footbridge - first use of UHPFRC in Switzerland

Engineered by Emch+Berger SA Lausanne, the Martinet footbridge is the first footbridge in Switzerland made of ultra-high-performance fibre reinforced cement-based composite material (UHPFRC).

Groninger Forum

The Groninger Forum, engineered by BAM Advies & Engineering, will become a new vibrant cultural center in the heart of Groningen, Netherlands.

Pontsteiger is a spectacular building in the Houthaven, the upcoming neighborhood of Amsterdam, Netherlands, where history continues through creative initiatives.

SCIA Engineer - Rafael Núñez Airport Expansion

Colombia is facing a continued surge of tourism into the country and Colombia’s airports are preparing major expansion plans to deal with it. One of the modernised airports is the Cartagena Rafael Núñez International Airport.

The Groninger Forum is a multipurpose conference building located in the heart of the city of Groningen.

‘Eurosilo’ Construction of 16 New Grainsilos - Ghent, Belgium

Euro-Silo is a distribution centre for grain and derivatives in the port of Ghent.

Container Hall - Mannheim City, Germany

A new weather-protected space was urgently needed for truck maintenance on the new GTS-Mannheim production site.

NIKE ELC New DC ‘Wings’ - Ham, Belgium

E-commerce is a booming business and has inspired Nike to build a new, highly automated, distribution centre, being built next to the existing Nikesite at Laakdal.