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SCIA Engineer 22

New features in SCIA Engineer 22 – steel & timber design

New features by version

Version 22 of SCIA Engineer comes with a brand-new option to consider the shear centre eccentricity of cross-sections directly during the finite element analysis, updated summary output reflecting the feedback from our clients and a first step to comprehensive timber design solution.

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SCIA Engineer 21 interface

New features in SCIA Engineer 21 - User Interface

New features by version

SCIA ENGINEER 21 is a giant leap in structural engineering software design. Forget about cluttered and overwhelming interface, fixed workflows, limited customisation and insufficient working space. SCIA Engineer 21 brings a revolutionary new interface with leading-edge ergonomics and unequalled efficiency gains that is easily customised to suit the way you work. It makes your work faster and easier.

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Input table

New features in SCIA Engineer 21.1

New features by version

The revolutionary new interface with leading-edge ergonomics and unequalled efficiency gains presented in SCIA Engineer 21 has been further fine tuned to make your work even faster and easier. SCIA Engineer 21.1 comes with a brand-new marking menu as well as a broad collection of other improvements, extensions and updates.

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New features in SCIA Engineer 20

New features by version

SCIA Engineer 20 brings a comprehensive collection of improvements that will help you design concrete and steel structures even faster and more effortlessly than before. These new capabilities help structural engineers save the valuable time and produce a safe, reliable and economical design with a minimum of manual effort.

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Eurocodes in SCIA Engineer

Design Codes

With more than 30 years of experience with the Eurocodes, SCIA Engineer includes numerous functionalities, methods and references, prescribed by these standards. The design according to the Eurocodes in SCIA Engineer extends through multiple program modules, most of which are dedicated to a particular Eurocode part. Most modules allow for nationally determined parameters.

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Implemented Eurocode National Annexes

Design Codes

Besides the implementation of the Eurocode methodology, SCIA Engineer contains a library of national annexes where country-specific methods and parameters are available. The Manager for National Annexes allows the user to verify and adapt nationally determined parameters.

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