CSM nv


CSM nv is an engineering, fabricating, industrial painting and erecting company who provides a complete range of structural steelwork within Europe and in various parts of the world. CSM nv was founded in 1964 by Constant Schuurmans, who also gave the company its name: “Constant Schuurmans Metaalwerken”, short CSM.

The first part of the plant in Achel, inaugurated in 1970, has been extended over the years with more and more new compartments (still recognizable by the range of roof constructions and colours) and with the first offices. In 1982 the first two lower parts of Hamont were built. The assembling, weld and paint activities were more and more moved from Achel to Hamont.

In 1988 the tall hall was built in Hamont. This extension was necessary for fabricating and blasting/painting heavier construction parts, and to make complex pre-assembling possible. In 1992 the offices in Achel have been enlarged and embellished.

Finally, in 1998, the second tall hall was built in Hamont, to specialize even more in roller coaster constructions. As in the beginning the scale of products was limited to the fabrication of fences, stairs and platforms in steel, the change into the design of industrial buildings and turnkey projects was quickly made.

In 1980 CSM went abroad with beautiful projects in Germany, the Netherlands and even in Colombia, Cameroon, the United Arabian Emirates…

In 1991 the first bridges were built for Belgium, Germany and Great Britain. From 1994, the fabrication of tracks for roller coasters, giant wheels, Mad Houses… was started. The machinery park has been continually adapted and modernised to the modified scale of products. Even on the domain of quality and quality control it went fast.

In 1983 the first welders had been approved to realise the first project for the Ministry of Public Works. At that time CSM also received the “Grosser Eignungsnachweis” according to DIN18800 with qualified welders according to DIN8560. This certification is necessary in Germany to fabricate and erect welded constructions.

From 1990 quality reports of several projects have been made and stored. In 1991 the “Eignungsnachweis” has been extended with DIN 18809 for road bridges. The next extension took place in 1994 with DIN 15018 for Cranes and DS804 for railroad bridges. In the meantime, all the welders were qualified to EN 287-1 or EN 1418.

In 1995, CSM got its qualification to build bridges in Belgium with the welding processes submerged arc welding and flux cored arc welding. CSM is one of the only five companies in Belgium with this qualification. Also in this year all the welders are recognised according to the European Standards (EN).

In 1999 the Security, Health and Environment Assurance System in accordance with VCA** is obtained for the Transport- and Erection Department.

Finally, in 2001, the Quality Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001: 2000 was implemented and certified.
At this moment CSM works with more than 140 employees and creates a yearly turn-over of almost 25 mio Euros.