Iemants & Willems Staalconstructies N.V.


Iemants N.V. is an international steel construction company with over 50 years of experience in the construction, fabrication, supply and assembly of steel constructions. Within the Smulders Group organization, Iemants and Willems Staalconstructies N.V. represent the High-grade Constructions division.


A reliable partner for High-grade steel constructions​

Through an integrated project driven organisation structure the individual qualities and capacities of both firms are combined from the same vision: Thinking along and offer solutions to the customer, sound project management with respect for planning, transparency, flexibility, safe work, service-oriented with the red thread of delivering a high quality end product that meets the customer’s wishes.

The company site of Iemants in Arendonk (BE) covers approximately 8 hectare, where Iemants works on its projects from the 50,000 square meter production hall. The 8,000 square meter production hall of Iemants Qatar is situated on a 5 hectare terrain. All locations are supplied with a modern machine park with its own shot-blasting cabins and paint spray halls. The machine park of the division is completely computer controlled and linked to the different engineering departments. This causes the data to be streamlined and exchangeable.

The well-equipped factories are furnished in such a manner that internal logistics run as smoothly as possible. Large and heavy pieces do not form a problem, as there is sufficient space and a hoisting capacity of up to 120 ton. Everything is controlled and executed by employees who have had a qualified training, both in their area of skilled expertise and in safety. Meeting the required standards and having the necessary certificates are fundamental to Iemants and Willems.

Through internationally gained experience in several sectors, Iemants and Willems have mastered all facets of steel construction. The impressive list of references supports this. No architectural building is too complex for Iemants and Willems, no bridge too far, no offshore project or (petro) chemical installation too large and no power plant too difficult. But, smaller projects are no problem either; the short lines within the project driven organisation make anything possible.