Setec Bâtiment


The Setec Group: Setec Bâtiment is an affiliate of the larger Setec Group; it specializes exclusively in the design of buildings. Established in 1957, the Setec Group is among the utmost prominent French engineering companies with international representation, having more than 1,700 employees distributed in its 25 branches, and a turnover of more than 188 million Euros.

Setec Bâtiment: multidisciplinary and innovative - Setec Bâtiment offers high technical competence, with more than 230 employees with skills in all fields of construction science: along with structural design, environmental design is also considered. Through intense collaboration between the different technical disciplines within the company, but also with external collaborators, from the onset of a project, allows for the creation of integrated and innovative solutions.
Setec Bâtiment has recently created Praxice, a company which includes teams dealing with environmental designs and designs related to the maintenance and exploitation.
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