One Coleman Street - London, UK

Construction End Date: 
United Kingdom

The Decomo UK Ltd's project at One Coleman Street, London, in the heart of the city's financial centre, is both unusual and striking in appearance. Decomo had been awarded with this project as they provided all the technical expertise and manufacturing quality. At the core of this feeling of confidence were the demonstrable capabilities of their in-house design office and the use of the Allplan drawing software. Due to Allplan they could 'crack the geometrical code' and produce a 3-Dimensional simulation of a typical bay on the building.

The 17,000m², nine-storey office building is ovoid in shape with views out on all sides. With just two internal concrete columns and a steel frame, it has a remarkably efficient net-to-gross space ratio of 89%. But most striking of all is the exterior of the building.

This appearance is achieved by irregular and highly polished pre-cast concrete sections. Decomo had to design and produce all 425 pre-cast segments, comprising columns and spandrels. Amazingly, no single shape was repeated more than six times across the whole structure of the building. The pre-cast units are impressive. The biggest columns weigh 7.5t. These sit from ground level to just below the second-floor slab. Above this, the columns are single-storey high and weigh 4t. The spandrels weigh about 3.8t and are about 4.6m long.

Decomo's works were completed ahead of schedule, without the occurrence of any unforeseen fabrication, installation or other problems. This was due, in no small part, to the benefits of using Allplan software in the interpretation, design and detailing of Decomo's works package.