Suspended bridge in Terenez (Brittany) over the Adler River


Interview with Jean- Christophe Habot, engineer

Can you describe the project thanks to which you reached the decision to choose SCIA Engineer?

A new bridge was built in 2011 in Terenez (Brittany) over the Adler River to replace the old one.
Local administration decided that the old suspension bridge closed to traffic should be disassembled.

Tenerez bridge main dimensions
  • Length: 430m
  • Span: 272m
  • Width: 8m

For this project, Ginger CEBTP Demolition has commissioned the Structures and Pathology branch of Ginger CEBTP in Aix en Provence to evaluate the work in different disassembly stages.

What issues and challenges did you have to face?

  • Iterative calculation of the initial tension in cables (model calibration);
  • Non-linear large displacement calculations;
  • Verification of the structure stability for each disassembly stage considering also the load coming from the construction equipment, especially for  the stage in which the pre-stressing from the main cables is released.

Why did you choose SCIA Engineer to assist you on this project?

  • The finite element model was originally designed in a competitor software, but their solver could not perform the non-linear static analysis for large displacements (which was imposed by the contract specifications).
    Therefore, we had to use other software.
  • We had heard about SCIA Engineer features for such complex problems, we tested it and we decided that it is the right solution.

What are the specific issues you have solved with SCIA Engineer?

  • SCIA Engineer was used to determine the stresses and displacements in the structure in each disassembly stage with the accuracy that was close to readings we could monitor and measure in-situ.
  • The convergence in nonlinear static analysis is a strong point for us as it allowed us to quickly analyse all disassembly stages.
Ginger & Scia Engineer
Ginger & Scia Engineer