Traffic noise reducing barrier - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Construction End Date: 

The project regards an acoustic screen, composed of 6.0 m high aluminium tubes, with variable diameters, random assembled in a box construction. This random pattern is accentuated by a variable height of the tubes which all have a different length and color.
The tubes are connected by aluminium strips and perforated over the whole length, inside the tubes is an absorbing filling which is placed for extra noise reducing.
The tubes are hold into an aluminium box construction, the upper plate has cutouts, the tubes are horizontally fixed. At the bottom, bolts take care of the horizontal fixation.
Because of the anodizing process, in the bottom are grooves leaved open, the openings are taken into account in the calculations.



B.V. Ingenieursbureau M.U.C. te Terheijden received from subcontractor Van Campen Aluminium B.V. the order to make the calculations of an aluminium acoustic screen for the project: “Geluidbeperkende voorzieningen randweg Eindhoven”.
The project concerns a 6.0 and 3.0 m high acoustic screen, composed of aluminium tubes, with diameters of 150 mm and 200 mm; which pattern is random assembled in an aluminium box construction. The box construction is a prefab element with a length of 3.1 m and a width of 1.0 m. The boxes are alternating turned over 180°.
The random pattern is accentuated by a variable height of each individual tube, which besides a different length, also have a different colour.
As the screen has an acoustic function, the tubes are perforated over the whole length; inside the tube, an absorbing filling is placed for extra noise reducing.
The tubes are all connected by aluminium strips of 3.0 mm. The tubes have only a thickness of 3.0 mm, the thickness is restricted to the perforations to be made.



The calculations are made for the 6.0 m high acoustic screen.


Overall Description

The thickness of the tubes is 3.0 mm. For the input of the correct characteristics of the tubes in the FEM program, a conversion is made.
The connection of the tubes with the box construction is as followed: The aluminium box construction has a height of 0.4 m. In the top plate, cut-outs are foreseen, through which the tubes are placed in. The tubes are horizontally fixed facing the top plate. The connection to the under plate will be made by 2 stainless steel bolts for each tube. These bolts will be tightened in the gaps of the connecting strips.

The bolts take care of the horizontal fixation facing the under plate. The aluminium box construction is founded on its 4 corners on piles with pile head, where the anchors are already foreseen. At the location of the anchors, the under plate is more loaded. Because of this, the under plate will be locally strengthened.
Because of the anodic treatment, in the bottom are water grooves, these openings are taken into account in the calculations.