Vörösmarty Tér 1, multifunctional building - Budapest, Hungary

Construction End Date: 

ING Real Estate has developed a multifunctional block of buildings in the old centre of Budapest.

Vörösmarty no. 1 is situated in the heart of Budapest, at the city’s most famous square, which is the gateway to the main pedestrian shopping street - Váci utca. The square regularly hosts cultural events and fairs, while several international hotel chains and Duna Korzó, the pedestrian walkway along the Danube is within walking distance. The listed monument building of the Vigadó opera House is adjacent to the building. Public transport access is excellent, with Deak Sq, with the only intersection of all three Metro lines, being a few minutes’ walk. There is also easy car access. On this place, an A-location near the Donau, a multifunctional building for shops, offices and apartments, with three parking levels underneath, is built. The building consists of seven levels on top of the parking levels, which are: two for shops, three for offices and two for apartments. This Vörösmarty building is named after the public square “Vörösmarty Tér” in front of the building.
In the middle of the building a five storey high atrium rises, with balcony gardens. The offices on level two, three and four, surround the atrium space in a U-shape. Double glazed façade units with glass that has a fade-away pattern up to 1100 mm. The atrium is closed at the top with a glass roof on a steel structure.
The main façades, north, east and west of the outside of the building are also double glazed units which have an outside sunblind, silver coloured and perforated, on the offices levels. The ground floor façade is vertical, from the first floor up the façade is sloping from 93 degrees, 1 degree per floor, up to 96 degrees.
In front of the main façade a steel structure, connected to the façade and floors with steel walkways, is built, which kind off wraps the building up. To the outside of the steel structure, triangular shaped glass panes are connected with spider profiles.

So the façade is a multilayered structure, where the exterior skin is a decorative structure wrapping the functionally different internal layers into one homogenous building appearance. The geometrical system composed of triangular elements makes the outlook of the building’s façade unique, modern and fresh. This structure is constructed from steel pipes of varying cross section climbing around the building in a triangular shape covered with clear glass. A three storey high internal atrium, starting from the 2nd floor, enhances the exclusivity of the building.

This prestigious project is an example of public-private partnership between the Hungarian Foundation for Art and Free Education and ING Real Estate.
Because of the different curves in the structure, it was necessary to calculate the structure as a 3D structure. In order to obtain the curved structure, we imported a 3D wire model from Autocad into Scia Engineer. The Nemetschek Scia programs were extremely useful, having the possibility of import and 3D calculation.
The internal forces and reactions obtained from Scia Engineer were used to calculate the connections (steel-steel and steel-concrete).