Winding staircase in exposed concrete - Vienna, Austria

Construction End Date: 

The emergency stairway sets a striking symbol on the even clean lined façade on the Office-Campus-Gasometer. Like a campanile, the eye-catching structure extends up to the sky.
With a diameter of 5.16 m and a height of more than 20 m, this precast structure nevertheless appears slim, in front of the large structures.
In order to meet the quality requirements for the engineering design and the exposed concrete, utmost precision and a great deal of experience in precast construction were necessary.
It was all the more simple to realise the specified architecture in virtual components and the production and the changes in configuration of reinforcements were also easier to develop using 3D illustrations.

Owner: Office – Campus – Gasometer
Architect: Soyka / Silber / Soyka
General Contractor: Östu-Stettin
Engineering Office: KS Ingenieure ZT GmbH

Location: Vienna, Austria